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The Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

While most people associate the Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas with gambling, there is a hidden side to the hotel. You can spend time exploring its unique history, or take a break from Vegas and head to the Cosmopolitan for shopping, dining and other activities.

the orleans hotel  casino las vegas

The name of the hotel means ‘Loyalty’ in French, and that is what you’ll find in the city as well. Many of the hotel’s guests come from around the country, and many are repeat guests because of the relaxed vibe of the hotel. There are many family-friendly activities to enjoy while visiting the Las Vegas hotel and casino and many of the same restaurants and cafes that you would find at the casinos. The Internet makes it easy to explore the hotel and see what activities and entertainment are available at each location.

The Orleans is located on the strip outside of the Grand Garden Arena, which is the home of the Arena Football League. You can enjoy watching your favorite team play in one of the many large indoor stadiums found on the strip. The Orleans Hotel & Casino are also the home of a world-class weightlifting gym. If you are an athlete, this will be a great way to get in shape.

Many of the rooms are large and have the appearance of an old country hotel. They are decorated with antiques and have fantastic views of the Strip. There are also many water sports available for guests who like a little excitement. When you are ready to unwind, the Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas offers the best places to find dining, shopping and entertainment in the city.

There are many unique shops and restaurants that you will find in the Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. At times, you may want to dine in one of the restaurants to enjoy a well-known, gourmet cuisine. At other times, you might want to visit one of the many fine art galleries located around the hotel.

Whether you want to go shopping, grab a bite to eat or enjoy a drink in the lounges, the Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas offers a wide variety of options. It is also a great place to stay if you are looking for a place to enjoy the ambiance of Las Vegas. There are so many great attractions and shopping opportunities in this city that you can’t help but want to be here.

The Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas are great fun and a place to visit in the summer. It is right next door to the Las Vegas Strip, so you can check out all the action from the comfort of your own room.