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The Orleans Hotel & Casino

For those of you not familiar with the Orleans Hotel & Casino, it is located on one of the hottest destinations in Las Vegas. The location is perfect for any group who is looking for a romantic getaway on a budget. From the top floor balcony overlooking the Epicurean meal at the luxurious restaurants and nightclubs to the hotel lobby experience the Las Vegas strip or in the higher levels of the Orleans Hotel & Casino and see some of the famous landmarks. For the ultimate romantic vacation consider the hotel in Vegas.

the orleans hotel  casino

The Orleans Hotel & Casino is situated on the riverwalk, where you can take your breakfast in the lobby or take a dip in the ocean while on your casino gambling spree. The location is not as pricey as the one you would find in the rooms and suites of some of the larger casinos and resorts in Las Vegas. In fact the accommodations are cheaper and the atmosphere is more intimate.

One of the many attractions in the Orleans Hotel & Casino is the Museum. You may not be able to get to the Grand Canyon but you can check out the collection of antiques, collectibles, and paintings. From the beautiful walls that display the art and history of New Orleans you can view artifacts of the old Louisiana city. These are some of the most popular collections in the venue.

Another attraction you will find in the Orleans is the Alexander Carrell Exhibit. The exhibits center around the life of famous serial killer Alexander Carrell. The Carrell Collection features the designs of his home, his journal, photographs, television programs and artifacts.

Of course the largest attraction of the Orleans is the casino. There are five separate gambling casinos in the Orleans and each one has a separate feel. The casinos are the Borgata, the Palazzo, the Savoy, the Caesars Palace and the Caesars Palace.

The Orleans is a really fun place to visit while you are in Las Vegas. The unique design and atmosphere are an attraction for tourists and casino gamblers alike. The area is huge and you will get a feel of the different themes and cultures of New Orleans.

If you are looking for an exciting night out then you might want to check out the Orleans while you are in Las Vegas. This is a great hotel location near a number of action and entertainment based hotels and casinos. Make sure you check out the same hotel on your next visit to Las Vegas. You will be very happy with the results.