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5 Best Orleans Hotel & Casino Events

One of the things you must know about the Orleans Hotel & Casino is that they offer a variety of food options and food events. But before you head down to this gambling mecca, you must know about all the food events that the Orleans has to offer. If you are looking for some great dining options, you should head on down to this lavish casino on Bourbon Street and see what all the fuss is about. Here are some of the best food events at the Orleans Hotel & Casino has to offer.

The first event that you should know about is a very popular food happening: the Bon Voyage Food Festival. This event is one of the only food festivals that is held each year. The concept behind this particular event is that guests will be able to get up close and personal with more than 100 chefs from all over the world. From top to bottom, you will get to sample the tastes of Italian cuisine, Chinese dishes, French cuisine, and even African cuisine. The chefs are in the midst of preparing mouth-watering dishes that will leave you mesmerized by the sight and sounds of this international culinary extravaganza.

Another food event that you should not miss when you visit the Orleans Hotel & Casino is their Summer Meltdown. This event is thrown every summer at the Orleans. Many people think that they will only be able to eat ice cream and watch the fireworks on the night of the event, but that’s not the case.

While you are enjoying your food and drink, you will be able to talk to chefs about the recipes that they use to create the food. You can also try new dishes, but in order to do so, you will need to bring a credit card. The result is a hands-on cooking experience that you and your entire family will never forget. Plus, you will end up eating quite a few desserts that you will want to savor throughout the evening.

Another popular food event that you should know about is the Francine’s Palooka Feast. This event is a Filipino cooking lesson that is given by your own chef and is held at the Paris bar located on the fourth floor of the Orleans Hotel & Casino. This cooking experience will take place over two nights and is sure to leave you wanting more. Many people find this food event to be a great way to kick off a New Orleans dinner party, but it is not limited to dinner parties.

If you love the taste of pizza, the Bon Voyage Pizza Tasting at the Paris will be a great event for you. There are six pizzas to taste and each of them is designed to make your mouth water. The taste is far from dry and you will be given a chance to try out a pie of your choice. With a cool breeze blowing by, you will feel comfortable while you sample these delicious slices of pizza.

In addition to the Bon Voyage Pizza Tasting, there is also a pasta tasting at the Paris that will leave you wanting to try out new Italian dishes that you haven’t tried before. The meals are definitely gourmet, and this event is sure to satisfy your appetite. Plus, it is the perfect opportunity to sample some of the most delicious food around. You will also be given the opportunity to try out different pasta sauces, but you will need to bring a credit card to enjoy these special pasta creations.

So if you are looking for a great variety of food events to enjoy during your stay at the Orleans Hotel & Casino, you should definitely head down to the Orleans Bar to sample all the food that they have to offer. You will never be disappointed with what you find.